Mari Minato – Horizons au long du Rhin

Mari Minato – Horizons au long du Rhin : Sumer Series II  acrylic and aluminum on paper 48 x 72 cm, diptych 2017    Mari Minato – Horizons au long du Rhin : ©?Mari Minato 2022?saif / photo : Baptiste François   

The exhibition

Mari Minato is a Japanese painter who has been working in Paris since 2006, as Guitemie Maldonado says, "an intriguing mix of discretion and assurance".
With lightness and precision, she paints on paper or directly on the walls, to the rhythm of the rhythm of the waves of a floating world. A strong discretion redoubled by the gap between the liveliness of her coloured marks and the her coloured marks and the evanescence of motifs captured in history and museums. A painting of impermanence?

What do you keep from your Japanese origins?

After my travels, I found a way of transcribing things that corresponded better to me. But at the same time I found elements that connect me to Japanese culture: the gaps between forms, the effect of water and disappearance, impermanence.
More and more I tell myself that my roots will never change, I am Japanese and it is part of my existence. The time of impregnation in other cultures, my research is a way of charging my energy towards something I don't know but which awaits me. Perhaps we can speak of meditation? When the moment is right, I can paint. I can paint. It is not me who decides, it is something that comes to me.

Extract from the interview between Mari Minato and François Jeune, published in the last issue 96 of the magazine Art Absolument


01/12/2022 - 21/01/2023
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