Arts & Préhistoire.

Arts & Préhistoire. : Venus de Lespugue 1 © MNHN - J.-C. DOMENECH    Arts & Préhistoire. : Venus de Tursac 25000avJC © RMN-Grand Palais -MAN- Jean-Gilles Berizzi    Arts & Préhistoire. : Aurochs rayonnant Rocher-imperatrice 1 © Nicolas Naudinot, Universite Cote d_Azur CNRS CEPAM, propriete du conseil departemental du Finistere    Arts & Préhistoire. : Venus a la corne de Laussel. © Musee d_Acquitaine -Lysiane Gauthier - Mairie de Bordeaux   

The exhibition

The timeless splendor of the pieces exhibited at the Musée de l'Homme proves that there is no progress in art. There are absolute masterpieces of furniture art sculpted in very small sizes, easy to transport and to hide... The objects as well as the walls show the astonishing diversity of the fields approached by the artists of prehistory, from the abstract sign to the fragile line. This exhibition, exceptional, is served by a scenography which is also exceptional.

Extract from the article by Christian Noorbergen published in the N°104 de la revue Art Absolument. Published February 3, 2023


16/11/2022 - 22/05/2023
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