Sublime nature.

Sublime nature. : Série Sublime Jewelry - Mariposa de Villa Serrana    Sublime nature. : Coquillage Nautilus    Sublime nature. : Papillon Ciel Blue   

The exhibition

Intimately marked by the military dictatorship of the years 1970 in his native country, the Uruguayan Rimer Cardillo signs a work carried by his democratic values. Engravings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations are thus solicited to claim the rights of the indigenous populations of Latin America.
The imprint of man on his environment is the primary object of Cardillo's art. Through his series "Sublime Jewelry", the impression of insects on sheets of colored ink highlights the material manifestation of a presence, intertwining nature with the spiritual. The artist wants to make his work a true "ode to ecology" reconciling politics, poetry and sacred. His committed pictorial bias aims to deliver a message of hope, and to question the role of humanity in "rewriting the future".

Tea Mignien


29/03/2023 - 22/04/2023
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