Cent détours.

Cent détours. : Noël Pasquier, Iris, Peinture sur toile, 80x80, 2007    Cent détours. : Vera Molnár, Structure de quadrilatère ... l'ordinateur, 25x25, 1985   

The exhibition

Sasha Leboeuf and Véronique Smagghe, collaborators since February 2021, bring together the works of six artists who are dear to them, all great names in contemporary art. Their varied creative universes meet around the theme of "detour".
Each in his own way, the artists invite the viewer to a game of back and forth between perception and reflection, to the benefit of the deployment of the imagination. Faced with the paintings of Vera Molnár, who interferes with the disorder within geometric forms, the eye is caught in the cognitive detours of the recognition of a pattern. The collages of torn posters of Raymond Hains divert the urban and collective material in work of art. The lyrical abstraction of Noël Pasquier restructures the space, borrowing the multiple paths of the use of the color.
On the occasion of the renovation of its space, the gallery proposes an eclectic selection of works of which it weaves the red thread. It takes on the challenge of modernity, in order to "maintain a heritage by building its future."

Tea Mignien


24/02/2023 - 28/05/2023
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