Kiichiro Ogawa.

Kiichiro Ogawa. : Hostile Station II    Kiichiro Ogawa. : Kiichiro Mantra    Kiichiro Ogawa. : Iceblink Luck   

The exhibition

In the continuation of the American artistic movement of the 1950s "action painting", Kiichiro Ogawa is a painter who never makes direct contact with his canvas. His spontaneous circular gestures give material existence to what his subconscious dictates. He calls his practice "paint in the air".
The Japanese term "guru-guru" meaning "the way things wrap around themselves in different layers" is the starting point of his work. Circumvolutions without beginning or end, which often go beyond the frame, are his trademark. Each of his paintings is associated with a music that inspires him, ranging from punk to classical to pop. The Nichido Gallery proposes to associate their listening with the admiration of the paintings. The visit is then accompanied by Japanese, British and Bulgarian voices among others, revealing the diversity of cultural influences of Ogawa.
This exhibition thus aims at synesthesia, in the light of the inner journeys that the artist represents by his aerial and contrasted works.

Tea Mignien


26/01/2023 - 11/03/2023
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