Carole Benzaken. Château d’eau.

Carole Benzaken. Château d’eau. : Carole Benzaken. Château d’eau.   

The exhibition

Carole Benzaken, memorial falls

At the Caserne, Carole Benzaken has installed colored strips irregularly cut and then poured into the stairwell of a building now dedicated to the ecological transition of the fashion and luxury industries in Europe. If the recycling of the material used - backdrops from the film industry - judiciously echoes the vocation of the place, the aspect of the work, entitled Water Castle, refers above all to its history. Indeed, its bands suspended in the void underline its vertical architecture while evoking a waterfall and its past vocation as a barracks. We know that the flow of images and memories largely occupies Benzaken's work: here it is "a lacerated landscape, both urban and natural, tilted and reversed into an abstract verticality, mutating into a dizzying fall of images.

Extract from an article published in the N°106 of the magazine Art Absolument. Published on 17 May 2023.


28/03/2023 - 29/07/2023
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