7e Biennale d’art non objectif – Us again… Encore nous…

7e Biennale d’art non objectif – Us again… Encore nous… : Roland De Jong Orlando. Fragments. 2020, acier Corten, diam : 145 cm, prof : 16,5 cm.   

The exhibition

Roland Orépük, founder and curator of the Biennial of Non-Objective Art (Biano), which since 2009 has been an integral part of the Grenoble metropolitan area's visual arts identity and heritage, has produced a seventh edition, Us again... Encore nous..., that is as structured as it is abundant. Twenty-seven artists - many more than in previous editions - endeavour to answer the question "Where do we come from? through a much denser display, proceeding by affinities rather than sequences, and structured, in the form of an inventory, around two families, that of the descendants of the reformists - Mondrian and De Stijl... - and that of the heirs of the revolutionaries - Malevitch, Duchamp...

Extract from the article by Philippe Gonnet published in the N°107 de la revue Art Absolument. Publication date: July 13, 2023.


14/09/2023 - 18/11/2023
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