Enchanter la terre

Enchanter la terre : Vue du château du Rivau, Lémeré. Amy O’Neill. Old Woman Shoe. 2009. CNAP, en dépôt au Rivau dans le cadre de la mission de soutien aux arts plastiques.   

The exhibition

"Enchanting the Earth" is the theme of the summer exhibition at Château du Rivau, a dialogue between contemporary artists, famous people and artists from the Val-de-Loire, in a sensitive relationship with the environment. An astonishing medieval building linked to the Beauvau family, related to the Counts of Anjou, Rivau is the stuff of fairy tales. A veritable treasure trove of architecture, nature and living art. Now in private hands, it is possible to stay there and there are sixteen different and marvellous gardens to see. Both inside and out, a number of works punctuate the visit: here by Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Fabien Verschaere and Lilian Bourgeat, and there by Fabien Mérelle, Hélène Delprat and Nicolas Darrot, to name but a few.

Extract from the article by Philippe Piguet published in the N°107 de la revue Art Absolument. Publication date: July 13, 2023.


01/04/2023 - 12/11/2023
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