Najia Mehadji – Lignes de vies

 Najia Mehadji – Lignes de vies : W & W. 2023, peinture et serigraphie sur toile. 150 x 200 cm   

The exhibition

Najia Mehadji stretches the lines

Reminiscent of her 2007 Goyesque Suites, in which ghostly images from the Spanish master's Désastres de la guerre (Disasters of War) are embedded in the color of floral forms, the W & W (for "Women & War") series in 2023 sees French-Moroccan artist Najia Mehadji draw calligraphic abstractions in large gestures over the everyday, bruised by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At Véronique Rieffel, she exhibits them alongside a large synthetic canvas referring to the Sufism of the Moroccan Gnawas, and a series in blood chalk, which she stretches into supple folds.

Excerpt from an article to be published in Art magazine N°108 Absolument.


06/10/2023 - 09/12/2023
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