Adrien Couvrat, "Devant toi coule un fleuve".

Adrien Couvrat,   

The exhibition

"Before You Flows a River" is the title chosen by Adrien Couvrat for his third exhibition at the Maubert Gallery. It is excerpted from Paul Valéry's work "Eupalinos or The Architect," where Phaedrus and Socrates converse in the realm of the dead and make architecture a metaphor for the act of creation.

While Adrien Couvrat's work primarily deals with vision, the various creations he presents in this exhibition (paintings, video, wall of enameled ceramics) all refer to architecture. Particularly hypnotic, his paintings consider the architectural motif not as a fixed representation, but as something moving, evanescent, which only reveals itself from certain angles: as we move through space, fleeting images of Raphaël's Villa Madame, Le Corbusier's Villas Le Lac and Savoye emerge.

Extract from the article by Domitille d'Orgeval published in N°110 of Art Absolument magazine. Publication date: July 2, 2024


27/04/2024 - 15/06/2024
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