Moderne Art Fair

Moderne Art Fair :   


19/10/2023 - 22/10/2025

La foire

Created in 2021, resolutely focused on modern art, contemporary art and design, this new edition brings together the expertise and experience of a team of professionals from the world of art and the promotion of Parisian artistic events, specializing in modern art and contemporary design.
Modern Art Fair, positioned at the heart of the artistic wave of the 20th century, was born from a long reflection combining knowledge and independence with a resolutely family spirit, thus creating a universe of choice where the impossible is never an obstacle: it is the most beautiful artistic response to an increasingly demanding public, whatever it may be.

Modern Art Fair
Place Clemenceau, Ephemeral pavilions, avenue des Champs-Élysées, 750008 Paris, from place Clemenceau to place de la Concorde
From October 19 to October 22, 2023

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