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Dina Vierny, a Russian immigrant, arrived in France in 1926 at the age of seven. Her father organized chamber music concerts at their apartment, which were attended by his Russian and French intellectual friends, such as Ivan Bounine, Saint-Exupéry and Jean-Claude Dondel. Dondel noticed the fifteen-year-old girl and told Maillol that she resembled his work and that of Renoir. Maillol wrote her a letter: "Miss, I am told that you look like a Maillol and a Renoir. I will be satisfied with a Renoir". Dina Vierny met Maillol in Marly-le-Roi in 1934 and began to pose for him. At the beginning of the war, Maillol left for Banyuls and Dina joined him in 1940.

Overnight, the gallery became famous in Paris, with a first Maillol exhibition, then with exhibitions of Rodin, Henri Laurens, Matisse, etc. She met Serge Poliakoff and organized his first major exhibition in 1951. This was followed by exhibitions of the Vollard suite of Picasso, Kandinsky, Pougny, Dufy, Doucet, Charchoune, Gilioli, Couturier and Zitman. Dina Vierny then took a passion for the modern primitives and exhibited Bauchant, Bombois, Eve, Desnos, Racoff, Rimbert, Séraphine de Senlis and Vivin. She published the catalog raisonné of Bauchant in 1994. Then she went to the Soviet Union in the early 1970s and discovered Kabakov, Boulatov, Yankilevsky and Oscar Rabin. She smuggled their works out of Russia and organized the famous exhibition Russian Avant-Garde - Moscow 73.

Always animated by this same eclecticism, the gallery is today directed by Olivier Lorquin, son of Dina Vierny. It continues to present the works of its former artists, but is also committed to contemporary artists such as Frank Horvat, Jerry Schatzberg, Jean-François Jonvelle, Ra'anan Levy or Nina Mushinsky.

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