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1 place Henri Barbusse Saint-Rambert, l’Île Barbe
69009  Lyon



Inaugurated in March 2017, the Musée Jean Couty is the brainchild of Charles Couty, Jean Couty's son, in an exceptional location on the banks of the Saône, just a stone's throw from the family home and the artist's studio.

Charles Couty's primary aim with this private museum was to create a place dedicated to his father's work, but also to open it up to modern and contemporary art, with temporary exhibitions devoted to other great artists.

This is a wonderful discovery for visitors, who will be able to admire a magnificent range of Jean Couty's work, a fabulous record of his time. Jean Couty painted reality with a rare intensity, pure emotion available to all.

Through its temporary exhibitions, the Musée Jean Couty aims to contribute to the recognition and rehabilitation of French figurative painting from the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition Bernard Buffet et Jean Couty, Parcours croisés, inaugurated this programme.

The Musée Jean Couty provides an opportunity to discover the important work of this figurative painter, a witness to his time. The museum's extensive holdings make it possible to vary selections and organise themed exhibitions around Jean Couty, who loved to paint his home town of Lyon, as well as landscapes, Romanesque churches and cities around the world. He transcribed numerous genre scenes, and dwelt on the men and women he met. An artist who knew how to paint reality, and who wanted to bear witness to the present day.

Current exhibitions

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