Galerie Terrain Vagh

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24 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard
75005 Paris


"Before it was a gallery, this space was the Paris showroom of ceramist Alain Vagh, who gradually evolved from decorative art ceramics to purely artistic proposals. This beautiful space is steeped in history (local residents still remember Alain Vagh's blue tiled mare, Rachida Blue, in the window) and is ideally located just a few metres from the Institut du Monde Arabe and opposite Jussieu University.
In 2018, while continuing to welcome architects accustomed to working with its products -Alain Vagh Céramique has been certified as a "living heritage company" in 2019 - Alain Vagh has plans to establish an art gallery here, which he is entrusting to Moufida Atig.
An interior designer, Moufida has the ability to re-enchant spaces with her sensitivity to art. As a result, she has organized numerous original exhibitions to promote the works of contemporary artists from five continents, always with a view to creating an atmosphere conducive to discovery and the forging of cultural links, without losing sight of current issues.
In the hands of Moufida, the gallery has become an artistic space for sharing, human encounters and artistic encounters, promising a breath of pure art to anyone who ventures to push open the door."

Galerie Terrain Vagh

Past exhibitions

13/09/2023 - Hammoud Chantout.

Current exhibitions

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