Pierre Soulages

1919 (Rodez )
Living in : Paris et Sète
Working in : Paris et Sète
Artist's webSite

If it is no longer time to present Pierre Soulages and his masterly black work, it is still time to return to it as it is one of the most important of his time.In the space of some seven decades, the artist who has just turned 101 has single-handedly written a chapter in the history of contemporary art. His choice of a painting that rejects any idea of representation in favour of a body of work entirely devoted to black and light is an attempt to consider the concept of the painting as objectively as possible. In an abstract, radical and open vein. His work, which is frontal, that is to say, which confronts the gaze, offers the viewer the opportunity to invest himself in it in complete freedom and to gain inner peace.

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