Ce que la Palestine apporte au monde

Ce que la Palestine apporte au monde : Jérusalem, porte de Jaffa. Vers 1890, photographie colorisée selon le procédé Photoglob Zürich, 40 x 50 cm. Collection particulière.    Ce que la Palestine apporte au monde : Mohamed Abusal. Un métro à Gaza. 2011, tirage collé sous Plexi brillant, 80 x 120 cm.    Ce que la Palestine apporte au monde : Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Mahmoud Darwich. Marché à Ramallah. 2009, photographie, 83x118,5 cm. Courtesy galerie Lelong & Co., Paris.    Ce que la Palestine apporte au monde : Jean-Michel Alberola. Le Rêve éveillé d'Edward Saïd. 2020, fusain, pastel et encre sur papier, 92 x 82 cm. Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de la Palestine.   

The exhibition

"The Earth is narrow to us", the poet Mahmoud Darwich could only observe when confronted with the uprooting of the Palestinians. Former Palestinian ambassador to UNESCO, Élias Sanbar, his French translator and friend, also took the side of art and poetry, initiating in 2015 a future National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palestine from Paris, far from his roots but with the hope of finding them again, suggesting that they "are ahead of us". As a partner of this museum, whose collection it houses, the Arab World Institute has orchestrated a Palestinian season, in which several voices are heard: those of artists in solidarity and photographers active on the spot, but also those of Jean Genet and Darwich.

Extract from the interview between Élias Sanbar and Tom Laurent published in the N°106 of the magazine Art Absolument. Publication date: 17 May 2023.

Originally scheduled to end on November 19, 2023, the exhibition has been extended to December 31, 2023.


31/05/2023 - 31/12/2023
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