Médiathèque de Samatan

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Place des Cordeliers



Located on the ground floor of the cultural space of the Grain Hall, the Samatan Media Library deploys its collections on nearly 650 m²:

- A youth section with 4,000 documents to consult on site and/or borrow (early childhood albums, fiction and children’s documentaries, mangas and comics, as well as 7 journal titles)
- A reading bubble for toddlers with a starry sky, suitable mats and bins
- An adult section offering 5000 documents to consult on site and/or borrow (contemporary literature and beautiful letters, crime fiction, science fiction, large print and audio books, local collections, English and German-language collections, documentary works, comics and manga...)
- A press area with 6 daily newspapers to consult on site and 18 weekly and monthly magazine titles that can be borrowed
- A discotheque with music terminals, with a fund of 1500 CDs to borrow (classical music, world music, French and foreign varieties, jazz, country, rock, rap, R'n'b...)
- A video library with more than 500 DVDs to borrow (musical DVDs, films by authors, comedies, documentaries, French and foreign cinema classics...)
- A multimedia area with open access computers and WI-FI point
- An exhibition hall

Past exhibitions

01/07/2022 - Tom Sam, Familles

Current exhibitions

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